Born in Bucharest, Romania, on 12th of July 1999.  Nil’s piano studies started at the age of six at Iosif Sava Music School in Bucharest, under the guidance of Professor Viorica Nistoroiu with whom he continued for four further years, at The George Enescu National High School in Bucharest.


Since September 2018, he has been studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London with Professor Joanna MacGregor, where he was admitted with a full entrance scholarship. The young pianist has been awarded 1st prize in national and international competitions, including the 1st and Grand Prizes at “Celebrity Road Contest (Romania, 2019)”, “Romanian National Olympiad of Music (2017)", “Victor Giuleanu International Competition”, “Irina Sattchi Competition”- Special “Cesar Franck” Award (2016), “ Tudor Dumitrescu International Competition (2016)”, “Millenium Piano International Competition”, “Gradus ad Parnassum National Competition”, “Pro Piano International Competition”. 

Nil has participated in prestigious masterclasses, with renowned pianists such as: Imogen Cooper, Håkon Austbø, Martin Hughes, Ian Fountain, Rustem Hayroudinoff, Florian Mitrea, Leon McCawley, Maria Masycheva, Daniel Goiţi, Imre Rohmann, Cordelia Höfer Teutsch Stefan Arnold, and Georgy Gromov. 


He has performed on prime stages of his home country Romania and abroad, along with The National Romanian Symphony Orchestra, The National Radio Orchestra of Romania, and the “Ion Dumitrescu’’ Philharmonic Orchestra. Nil has also appeared in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the UK.

He has an inquisitive personality, a critical ear, and his independent thinking enables him to find fresh ways of looking at music. His background lays in the Eastern European musical tradition, which favours a solid technical foundation and aural skills. Since moving over to the UK and thanks to his hard-working attitude and diligence, Nil has grown into a complete musician, very versatile in his repertoire, but most importantly, he has developed an ability to find his own voice, and thus shape very convincing performances.


Recently he was invited to take part in the next SoNoRo – Interferente Festival, this following Autumn.

As a reward offered by the Honiar Cultural Festival, Nil was invited to have a recital in the main hall of the Romanian Atheneum.